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Hi! I am Jurgita Caballero your certified holistic and applied functional medicine health coach.

 From interior design to the online boutique and many hats in   between, until I realize that wellness was my true calling...

 I was like most people struggling with my health most of my life.  I decided to become accountable for my health and happiness   because being in charge of your health means having the power   to control your happiness.


 Like everyone, I have my story and it is a successful weight loss   story that I am thrilled to be sharing with you!

Our WELLNESS begging by forming healthy habits

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I am a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as The Institute for Functional Health Coaching and The School of Applied Functional Medicine.


I use a functional approach to wellness and is dedicated to teaching others the best ways to incorporate healthier food and lifestyle choices into their everyday lives. I educate clients on all parts of their life health as a whole. By listening to what areas my clients are having health challenges in, I am able to dive much deeper to find the root of their issues and create a plan to make changes.

My style of coaching is to educate & provide guidance, resources, support, and motivation while my client is learning to adapt to a new sustainable lifestyle and food choices.

"I am the bridge between my clients and better health".

​Real Food.Real Support.Real Results

This call is an opportunity for us to safely discuss your wellness goals, and how I can help you to reach those goals
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I approached Jurgita because I have Celiac disease and wanted to learn more about how to eat gluten-free, how to improve my nutrition overall, to have more energy and start feeling better.
Jurgita was so helpful, in fact, she really helped me understand how certain symptoms I was having like insomnia, headaches, weight gain, etc were related to what I was eating. I really thought I was eating fairly healthy before but soon learned that I needed to clean up my diet further.

She was fully supportive, helpful, and always available.

Jurgita really listened to me and provided insight into foods and habits that I hadn’t realized. She provided so many hints and tips on ingredients to consider, ways to cook healthier, selecting healthy food choices like non-GMO and organic when possible, and even healthcare products technology changes to consider. She did the research for me on any questions I had and we’d discuss options. She really opened my eyes to a healthier me! I lost weight, sleep better and resolved the symptoms I was having. Jurgita was the first one to really listen and help me manage my gluten-free needs and help me to feel better.


                                                                                                                                                          Betty D.

I approached Jurgita because I wanted to treat several of my health issues related to an overactive immune system.

Jurgita helped me by coaching me on how to choose the foods that work for my unique body. She even helped with approaching family members regarding the changes I was making. She made me feel supported. Jurgita provided me with many online resources, brand names of trusted supplements, answering my questions and giving welcome advice. Most importantly, Jurgita listened to me. To this day 6plus months out I refer back to the information she provided. It's like I have her with me months later helping me with food and lifestyle choices

                                                                                                                                                      Kristine B. 

Lebanon, NJ

Tel: 908.892.0322

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