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Even though I am now a Certified Holistic and Applied Functional Medicine Health Coach, live a healthy lifestyle, and stay in great shape - all while being the mother of two - there was a time when I really struggled.


From the very first day of my life, I struggled with my health.

Growing up, I had to watch those around me struggle with their health; including watching my mother battle cancer, and battled with my own weight issues - at one point being more than 40 pounds overweight, trying every diet in an attempt to get a grasp of the situation. 

I used to stress over things that made no sense at all and then when things weren’t as expected, my comfort was food. Every day I would say to myself: “That’s it”! “From tomorrow I will not eat this” Tomorrow would come, then Monday, then the next month, then January 1st. It became a vicious circle. Just 3 days into my "new eating" I would go crazy, it would affect my mood and then everyone around me would suffer. I thought that I just don’t have the willpower, I couldn’t fit into those skinny jeans that my friends were wearing no matter what I did, and I was so uncomfortable living in my own body. Looking in the mirror was like looking at my enemy.

Despite all of what I felt, I would go back to eating even more….I would get sick every season of the year, had to deal with constant headaches and acne, I would feel tired all the time and never wake up fully rested.


I came to realize that whatever I was doing for most of my life wasn’t working. I needed to find a way that was long-lasting and sustainable.

I took a new approach and started losing unwanted weight slowly.

I dropped those 40lb and was able to maintain it over the last 18 years.

When I look back at those pictures I feel the pain and sorrow that I had for myself. It was tough, not going to lie.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are stuck in the rut and can’t find the way out. Too much conflicting information, too much information in general, which is hard to separate that which is false and which is true.


Taking on this new chapter in my life and becoming Applied Functional Medicine Health Coach was the decision made from seeing a desperate need to help people to identify what lifestyle and food changes they must make in order to achieve the level of wellness they desire!


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 I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®, the World's Largest Nutrition School. I was trained by the world’s leading doctors and advocates and studied over 100 dietary theories including unique coaching skills. With my knowledge, I will help you create a personalized “roadmap to an ultimate health” that is designed specifically for your unique body, lifestyle, your needs, and goals.

The Institute for Functional Health Coaching

​This school is giving me tremendous support in coaching others and teaching me to be a better coach.​​

The School of Applied Functional Medicine 

Here I  learned a functional medicine approach to support my clients in getting to the true root cause of their health concerns. 

The New Healers Master Coaching Program 

“Mentored by Andrea Beaman in Practice of Alternative healing” in the following areas:

  • Ancient Art of Visual Diagnosis

  • Herbs according to the 5 elements

  • Emotional and Spiritual Diagnosis and Chakra Healing

  • Organ and Meridian Assessment

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